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Why Book Private Accommodation in Havelock North for a Holiday?

Havelock North is a pretty Village that is known for honey, art and friendly restaurants, which makes it perfect to spend a holiday trip with a group of friends. The scenic Havelock North has a natural charm that one can experience by spending a few days here. To enjoy a luxurious stay at an affordable price, you can book private group accommodation in Havelock North. This will spice up your group holiday and help you enjoy a memorable trip experience.

Do you want to know how booking private accommodation proves it’s worth? Please check out the below-mentioned points:

1. Enjoy Private Space:

Compared to staying in traditional hotels or motels, booking private accommodation in Havelock North proves to be the best choice, as it offers a private and comfortable space to enjoy with your group of friends. At the same price or less that you’d pay for a hotel or motel room, you will be able to rent private accommodation that boasts multiple bedrooms and has great space

2. Take the Advantage of Great Recreational Facilities:

Whether you want to play tennis, explore the adventure ground, trampoline or take a refreshing dip in the heated swimming pool with your group of friends, booking private accommodation in Havelock North will provide all sorts of recreational facilities. This will make your stay with friends more memorable.

3. Extra Space:

During your stay at private accommodation in Havelock North, such as a cottage or lodge, you will get an opportunity to enjoy some extra space such as private garden setting, a BBQ area and a large deck area with outdoor furniture. No doubt, this will help you and your friends to have the utmost fun and enjoyment.

4. Indulge in Few Extra Activities:

By booking private accommodation like a contemporarily designed stylish lodge or cottage, you can save money. This will enable you to spend money in other areas or indulge in a few extra activities to explore Havelock North. In this way, you can make your group holiday fun-filled and exciting.

Owing to all those above-mentioned points, it is worth booking a private accommodation in Havelock North like a cottage or lodge when planning a group holiday or a family holiday.

If you want to book private accommodation for your group holiday trip to Havelock North, rely on Cottages On St Andrews. From our exclusive high-end cottages and lodge, you can book suitable private accommodation for your group to enjoy a great stay during the holiday trip.

Our high end and stylish cottages and lodge are the best accommodation options for groups and can be booked for any special occasion like wedding, birthdays, golfing trips and more.

For booking, please contact us today by sending an email: or simply visit our website:!

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